Sourajit Saha

PhD Student at University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Computer Vision | Machine Learning | Domain Generalization | Scene Understanding


I am currently pursuing PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of Dr. Tejas Gokhale at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Prior to that I was a Research Assistant at Center for Cognitive Skill Enhancement (CCSE) at Independent University Bangladesh (IUB). I have received a Masters of Science in Computer Science from University of Maryland, Baltimore County in May 2023 and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from BRAC University in August 2017. CV

My primary area of research is Computer Vision and Machine Learning. I am currently studying methods to impose strong shift invariance in CNNs, and mechanisms to circumvent class imbalance in semantic segmentation models. One of my other major area of interest is domain distribution shift for dense prediction (detection, segmentation, depth estimation) models, having methods that circumvent the lack of diversity in academically available datasets on which autonomous vehicle vision systems are trained is a cry for help! I am broadly interested in investigating attention based and knowledge infused vision models in the application of autonomous driving, and other sensory perception tasks. Another recent yet major research interest of mine is Vision + Language. I plan to explore mechanisms for infusing knowledge and visual grounding to build computer vision systems that are robust, efficacious and can interact with human in meaningful ways.


Most recent publications on Google Scholar.

Improving Shift Invariance in Convolutional Neural Networks with Translation Invariant Polyphase Sampling. Sourajit Saha, Tejas Gokhale

OOD-CV @ ICCV 2023

RFC-Net: Learning High Resolution Global Features for Medical Image Segmentation on a Computational Budget (Student Abstract). Sourajit Saha, Shaswati Saha, Md Osman Gani, Tim Oates, David Chapman

AAAI 2023 Paper Code

Mitigating Domain Shift in AI-Based TB Screening With Unsupervised Domain Adaptation. Nishanjan Ravin, Sourajit Saha, Alan Schweitzer, Ameena Elahi, Farouk Dako, Daniel Mollura, David Chapman

IEEE Access Paper Code

Pairwise Meta Learning Pipeline: Classifying COVID-19 abnormalities on chest radio-graphs. Sourajit Saha, Yaacov Yesha, Yelena Yesha, Aryya Gangopadhyay, David Chapman, Michael Morris, Babak Saboury, Phuong Nguyen

SPIE Medical Imaging Conference 2022 Paper

A comprehensive set of novel residual blocks for deep learning architectures for diagnosis of retinal diseases from optical coherence tomography images. Sharif Amit Kamran, Sourajit Saha, Ali Shihab Sabbir, Alireza Tavakkoli

Springer Book Series, 2020 Paper Code

Optic-Net: A Novel Convolutional Neural Network for Diagnosis of Retinal Diseases from Optical Tomography Images. Sharif Amit Kamran, Sourajit Saha, Ali Shihab Sabbir, Alireza Tavakkoli

ICMLA 2019 Paper Code

A Lightning fast approach to classify Bangla Handwritten Characters and Numerals using newly structured Deep Neural Network. Sourajit Saha, Nisha Saha

Procedia Computer Science, ELSEVIER Paper

Total recall: understanding traffic signs using deep convolutional neural network. Sourajit Saha, Sharif Amit Kamran, Ali Shihab Sabbir

ICCIT 2018 Paper Code

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